A lot of people look at a forest and all they see are the trees! At Snyder Heritage farms we see a lot more than the trees! The forest is a important part of our farm, it is another crop. It provides us with Maple syrup, Firewood, Lumber, Wetlands, a place for wildlife and us to enjoy. It is important to protect and manage it to Best Forest Management Guidelines and Practices. A few selected trees are harvested every year, when the ground is frozen to prevent damage. It is a lot of hard work but Kevin and his father Carl still enjoy cutting wood, (work is easier if you enjoy it). The wood lot has been a important part of the Snyder farm of many generations, hosting a wood lot demonstration in 1950’s. Were people from south Ontario attended for the day’s event.

Sugar Maple, Beech, Red Maple, Sliver Maple, White Ash and White oak are the majority trees in the forest. Trees are cut logs removed, rest of tree is turned into firewood cut to 16” lengths. The smaller limbs are also removed dried and used in the evaporator for Maple syrup. Firewood is split and piled under roof to dry and keep rain water off (dry wood burns best) Wood is available starting in Sept. You can pick it up or have it delivered. We sell out every year, when you have dry wood people keep coming back.

1 Single Cord 4’x 6’ x 16” (32cu/ft)

1 Bush Cord 6’x 16’x 16” (128cu/ft)

Dry Wood For Sale