Maple Syrup

Snyder Heritage Farms Maple Syrup from Tivoli Films on Vimeo.

We are a 5th generation farm, producing Maple Syrup for over 100 years. In our efforts to provide you with the best possible product, we are continually improving our equipment when new technology becomes available. Kevin has completed courses with the Environmental Farm Plan, Food Safety and Traceability, and the On Farm Food Safety Program. We believe these courses are a important part of our farm so we can produce a high quality product.

Wherever possible the equipment we use is stainless steel. Only food grade plastic is used when stainless steel cannot be used. We minimize handling of the sap and syrup to reduce the chance of contamination. Our wood lots are managed according to sustainable forest management guidelines and practices. We harvest a few trees every year, but only when the ground is frozen to reduce damage to the woodlot ecosystem. We also adhere to the production guidelines issued by the Ontario Maple Syrup Association. These guidelines state the number of taps per tree (max of 2) for best forest management practices.

In the sugarhouse, wood from our forest is used to cook the sap (no fuel oil is used). We use a reverse osmosis machine to remove water before cooking, which saves energy consumption by 50% or more. It takes 40L of sap to make 1L of Maple Syrup, so reducing the water content of the sap minimizes the time and energy required to cook the sap.

Our Maple syrup is pure with nothing added, only the water has been removed. We use Certified Organic antifoamers and cleaning methods on all our equipment. All our Maple syrup is hot packed (180 degrees or hotter), labelled, graded and marked for traceability. Delivery is available depending on order size.

Our Maple Syrup is available in the following quantities and packaging :Brown plastic #2 Jugs (HDPE) :Glass containers, Kent, 1L Mason Jars, 540ml Cans

250ml – $6.00
500ml – $9.50
1L – $17.00
2L – $28.00
4L – $54.00
12 x 1L Mason Jars – $168

If you have any questions or concerns please call us 519-741-1447 or email Thank you for your time and for considering our products.

Kevin & Anne Snyder 1213 Maple Bend Rd. Bloomingdale, Ontario