Fresh Produce

If you didn’t already know, at Snyder Heritage Farms we like to do a lot of different things. One of your best kept secrets with the local people is our Sweet Corn. We’ve been growing sweet corn for many years (18 plus). We believe our corn is so good because of the way it’s grown.  We use some of our most fertile fields which receive our composted livestock manure, and do crop rotation with a cover crop.

Healthy soil produces great crops with high quality.  We grow both bi-colour like peaches and cream and all yellow corn varieties.  We do not use GMO corn seed. Our corn is planted every few weeks so that we have fresh corn ripening for a longer season.

All our corn is hand picked daily and cooled in our big walk-in cooler.  Heat is your enemy with sweet corn, it changes the sugar in the corn to starch, this ages the corn and makes it taste tough (it’s part of our secret.)

We do spray our corn for corn bore, once or twice but only if needed (most sweet corn producers spray three to four times). We have tried not to spray but when 80% or more of the cobs have worms, people don’t buy wormy corn.

We also sell an assortment of vegetables from our garden – beet, onions, potato, beans, raspberries and more when in season. In the fall there’s a large selection of pumpkins, squash and straw bales and cornstalks for Thanksgiving and Halloween.

There is a self serve booth at 1445 Maple Bend, by the buildings.  Its open 8am – 8pm daily. You are required to make correct change.

Hope to see you at the booth.